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TV is now more than just TV - and there are more opportunities to reach your best audience than ever. Use data from TV exposure to build audiences, manage reach and frequency, and activate in whatever channels you need to drive the results you’re looking for.

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Get more from your media investments in order to win in the new era of TV. Find out how it works.

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This is Advanced TV...

Whether you’re looking for mass reach or to drive measurable actions (or both), we’ve got you covered. With MiQ Advanced TV, you can use data from TV exposure to build audiences, manage reach and frequency across devices, and activate in whatever channels are going to drive the outcomes you’re looking for.

  • Agnostic approach - Access all the supply partnerships you need to get diverse, debundled and transparent TV and video inventory across open and closed platforms.
  • Wider reach - Find the best way to the most valuable impression with our multi-DSP approach.
  • Connected data - Analyze TV data alongside over 150 other data feeds, for richer TV viewership insights to help you improve your reach and frequency and make your investments go further.
  • Measure what matters - Measure and optimize TV exposure using custom algorithms that drive towards real-world outcomes.

Advanced TV capabilities

Our Advanced TV solution has all the capabilities you need to deliver high-performance campaigns. Click on the wheel to find out more about each one.

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Behind the screens

How can advertisers get on the same wavelength as consumers?

Because with more eyeballs, more screens, and more options than ever, ATV is growing at lightning speeds. Streaming time now surpasses linear viewing by a huge 22%, so it’s clear that audience behaviors are changing.

If you want to use your budget wisely, your campaigns must resonate on the same wavelength as consumers.

Our new report gives you the tools to do just that, by giving you:

  • All the intel on today’s consumers.
  • Tips to maximize ad engagement and ATV results.
  • Five secrets to ATV success.

…and that’s not even scratching the surface of all the insights you’ll get in this report.

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MiQ Unlocked

Bridging the gap between TV & digital

Book an MiQ Unlocked session and have our experts come to your office to bring you up to speed on the latest trends in our industry.

TV advertising in 2020 is significantly more complex than the TV buying of the past – with exponentially more supply, targeting, and measurement options. In this session, we cover the ways smart television data lets marketers make the most of their TV investments, allowing them to connect digital and TV to drive the best outcomes for their brands.

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