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Strengthen your programmatic capabilities with our bespoke trading and data analytics solutions.

Our tech solutions

Rio (Recommendation, Insight, Optimization)
Rio is our trading technology tool that makes campaign management easier and more efficient. Using AI, Rio finds recommendations from millions of feature combinations to optimize campaigns to deliver the best performance, saving time on manual processes and providing instant campaign insights.

With a simple plugin, you can give your traders the power to configure campaigns, receive suggestions based on the outcomes you care about, and apply them with a click of a button.

Rio is currently being tested in open beta. If you are interested in participating or learning how Rio can elevate your campaigns please contact us by clicking the button below.

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Our analytics solutions

We use analytics to power all our media campaigns. And it’s awesome. But it’s just the start.

Using our custom analytics, you can start solving major business challenges that go beyond media campaigns. Whether it’s reducing breakage and churn, identifying the customers most likely to convert, or even solving supply chain issues, our analytics solutions can help you drive better performance in ways you might not even expect.

If you’re interested in unlocking more value from your data, get in touch by clicking the button below.

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Programmatic media solutions

Find the right mix of media solutions to help you achieve the business outcomes you’re looking for.

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