Reintroducing our advanced media solutions: communicating our new narrative with a new identity

By Danielle Levkovits , Global Associate Creative Director, MiQ

“A image could say more than a thousand words”. A cliché. But somewhat true.

On our journey to making MiQ easier to buy, easier to sell, and easier to understand, the marketing team took a deep dive to redefine our narrative.

After speaking to key internal stakeholders, conducting focus groups with our clients and analyzing industry research, we defined our new positioning:

Our category became “Programmatic media partner” – replacing “Marketing Intelligence”.

Our brand promise became: ‘Better connected marketing’ – replacing ‘Think beyond’.
We decided to sunset the old microbrand naming conventions for our products (such as Cast, Motion, Moments and others), and reposition our offering focused around the core marketing goals that we regularly seek to help our clients reach. This is how our Advanced Media Solutions, made up of Performance, Advanced TV, Time and Place and High Impact Branding, came to life
To reinforce our brand promise Better Connected Marketing, every individual solution logo is represented by a colored triangle that together forms the square symbol of our Advanced Media Solutions. This concept highlights each individual solution while reinforcing that every solution is part of our unique MiQ offering. Here is an animation that brings this story to life:

The key visuals that accompany each individual solution showcases MiQs core value of courage to stand out from the crowd and do things differently.
We are exciting.
We are bold.
We are dynamic.
We are global.

And… People are at the core of everything we do.

“Product marketing often focuses on messaging and positioning to communicate the trustworthiness and benefits of a product. But words only tell half the story. Our new Advanced Media Solutions visuals goes the rest of the way to help us communicate the value our MiQ products can bring to our clients. It’s amazing to see our products come to life in this way!’”
Rachel Foskett | Senior Global Product Marketing Manager at MiQ

When layered over the key visuals, the solutions logos are presented in white, letting the colour from the triangles and images stand out. Each solution has a unique look but the same visual treatment and background gradient color so they all look ‘better connected’. The visuals have a B2C polish that is welcome on a time were B2C experiences are shaping the expectations for B2B.


Closing thoughts

Our new advanced media solutions branding helps us stand out, brings our offering and value proposition to life, and encourages our clients to recognize the quality and value of our brand and products.

The new Advanced Media Solutions visuals, together with new messaging, will be rolled out in our decks, our website and other product collateral throughout this year.

If you have any comments don’t hesitate to contact me at I would love to hear from you.