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Boosting conversions

How MiQ Advanced TV helped Boost Mobile connect their TV and digital strategies to drive online conversions.


Boost Mobile were running TV campaigns and they were running digital campaigns, but they didn't know how well they were working together. The telecoms company came to MiQ to find out the impact of linking their TV to their digital strategy in terms of online conversions.


Our Advanced TV solution uses data opted-in Vizio TVs to bridge the gap between TV and Digital. Using Advanced TV, Boost Mobile could measure and identify the uplift in site visitations and engagement rates for users that had:

  • Seen a Mobile TV ad
  •  Been retargeted with a Boost Mobile digital ad
  • And then visited the Boost Mobile site

Using our cross-device capabilities, Boost Mobile found that site visitations and engagements were significantly higher with a combined TV and digital strategy, rather than digital-only.


The results were unarguable. By connecting their TV and digital campaigns with Advanced TV, Boost Mobile drove:

  • 1.35 times more site visits with TV plus digital compared to digital-only
  • 1.3 times more site engagement after increasing the average impressions served per user by 1.6
  • 18% more quality site traffic with TV plus digital compared to digital-only