Getting close to B2B decision makers

How we helped identify and target a niche B2B audience with smarter programmatic strategies


Our client was a global company that offers electrification, automation and digitization for companies across four main divisions: industrial, energy, healthcare and infrastructure. In this campaign, they wanted help promoting a new intelligent fire protection system for large buildings.

B2B campaigns can be tricky. You need to reach a very niche and specific target group for a highly technical B2B product, and it’s the kind of thing you only buy once.

We needed a way to reach key decision makers, including CEOs, CFOs and technical experts, who work in the building equipment and building security sectors, and get high quality website engagement with long retention time.


We decided to use two approaches to reach the decision makers: broad exploratory targeting and niche, highly focused targeting. We created a feedback loop between the two strategies so we could keep improving the results in both methods.

Niche targeting: We used specific context, keyword, domain, PMP, device and audience targeting to hone in on the precise audience we were looking for in the places we knew they’d be looking.

Broad exploration: Taking what we knew about the audience, we went looking for them in less expected environments and used this data to further hone the niche targeting.

We also curated seller whitelists for each format so we could deliver the right formats in contextually relevant environments.


The broad exploration really helped us with our niche targeting. For instance, we found that the relevant target group could be reached successfully on news and business domains (where we got three quarters of the clicks), as well as on site and environments more closely associated with the product.

Using these methods we achieved:

  • A 39% CTR improvement for native ads
  • A 20% CTR improvement for video ads
  • And delivered 30K clicks, well above the average click rate for a similar campaign period.