us case study

Not all conversions are created equal

How MiQ Performance Marketing helped a major retailer drive more conversions for less budget.


A well-known retailer wanted better performance for their campaigns, driving more conversions and minimizing the CPA.

To do that, they needed to know which of the people visiting their site were most likely to convert, and make sure all retargeting efforts were directed to those consumers.


The brand’s standard retargeting was only reaching users that had been on the homepage. This wasn’t precise enough.

Our first move was to place our advanced universal pixel on their site to get insights that would help the brand understand the full user journey. We collected data on things like:

  • Time spent on pages
  • Visit frequency
  • Product categories viewed
  • Specific product pages viewed
  • Navigation patterns

We then put that data into our predictive intent model, which gave us a much clearer picture of the users most likely to convert based on their browsing behaviour.

To prove the value of this approach, we also helped the brand implement an A/B test between standard retargeting and our predictive intent retargeting.


Using data captured by our advanced universal pixel and our predictive intent model, we were able to to:

  • Identify the users most likely convert
  • Drive four times as many conversions than standard retargeting
  • Produce a conversion rate that was eight times more efficient
  • Reduce CPA by 79%