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MiQ are pioneers in programmatic advertising, and we’re looking for ambitious data scientists to help us continue shaping the future of the industry.

You’ll be building, testing, and experimenting with data science models for ML/AI solutions – with the opportunity to drive real growth within one of the most innovative companies in ad tech.

If you’ve got more than two years’ experience,check out our senior data scientist role page.

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Innovating today, building tomorrow

At MiQ, we prioritize innovation and personal development. In fact, the data scientist role places heavy emphasis on conducting research, attending conferences to develop your knowledge, and even writing thought leadership blogs to share your expertise. We’re a community that discusses, debates, and builds solutions to keep evolving our capabilities in the marketplace. So, you’ll always be growing and trying new things.

As pioneers in programmatic advertising, we tap into the value of data to help our clients build meaningful relationships with their prospects, drive sales, and ensure that the right message reaches the right person.

The ad tech and programmatic advertising industry offers an irresistible opportunity to engage with huge amounts of high-quality data. This means you’ll have more possibilities to develop ground-breaking and effective models that deliver real results for our customers. And, with so much uncharted territory, you can help shape the future of the industry through experimentation and innovation.

The kind of people we’re looking for

If you’ve got two or more years’ experience of working with data science projects, ideally across a diverse range of applications, this could be the role for you. You’ll have worked with large data sets and be familiar with coding. You’ll be comfortable working with a data science toolkit, including Python, SQL, machine learning and AI, and cloud and big data frameworks.

Beyond technical expertise, there are a few shared values that all data scientists at MiQ have.

We are looking for people with a hunger for growth and a desire to take an active part in developing the tools of tomorrow. With this growth mindset, our team work to upskill themselves and develop knowledge of their field. We attract people who look at a problem as an opportunity rather than a barrier and work collaboratively to find the best possible solution.

Five reasons to make MiQ your next move


You’ll get to build models from a huge amount of data – MiQ ingests ~10TB+ of data and processes ~60million impressions daily.


You’ll get to develop your skills while helping shape the future of data science.


You’ll be working at one of the top 50 firms for data scientists in India (for three years running) with an approval rating of 92%.


You’ll be collaborating with award-winning industry leaders – we regularly write blogs and have published 15 research papers.


You’ll be working for a company that won the Data Science Excellence Award for Best Data Science Project of the Year in 2020.

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