Your programmatic media partner

The right partners. MiQ’s model is agnostic, so we can work with whatever data, DSP, publisher, or exchange is going to drive the best results for Nieman Marcus Group.
The right technology. We can help NMG access an industry of programmatic capabilities all in one place with our layer of technology connecting data, platforms and inventory.
The right people. MiQ’s full-service team will help NMG every step of the way, listening to your business challenges and building exactly what’s needed to solve them.


At MiQ we are focused on extracting and connecting value from the best authenticated and anonymous solutions in the market, and providing access to walled gardens via clean room expertise, so advertisers have all the tools they need to continue to drive real outcomes. And we can do this thanks to our agnostic approach to partnerships.

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Creative solutions

Captivate your audience and exceed your campaign goals with our diverse high impact and mobile-first formats. Our creative studio is available to recommend and build beautiful formats that are designed to achieve the objectives of your campaign.

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Brand safety

MiQ is fully committed to providing brands with the maximum level of brand safety. MiQ is TAG certified and partners with major brand safety providers to ensure Advertiser suitability. Furthermore, MiQ is an IAB Gold Standard Certified Buyer.

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Meet your MiQ team dedicated to NMG

Victoria Chatfield

Sr. account manager

Jeanne Rossato

Client partner

Kenny Witt

Director in-housing, brand partnerships

Eric Bashirov

RVP trading