MiQ Unlocked

Have our brightest sparks help you get up to speed on the latest knowledge, trends and conversations in our industry.

MiQ Unlocked is your chance to upskill yourself or your team in everything programmatic. Choose from one of our three learning tracks, and we’ll structure the session to fit your exact business needs, creating a bespoke agenda for you.

Track 1

Kick ass media

Take a deep dive into the world of programmatic advertising and learn how to reach your audiences through the power of better connected marketing.

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  • Programmatic 101

    In Programmatic 101, we cover the basics of programmatic advertising – why we use it, how to spot trends, the power of programmatic data in creating strategies for your campaigns. 

  • Programmatic 201

    In Programmatic 201, we cover more advanced bidding mechanics, supply path optimization, and how to set strategies and KPIs for your specific campaign goals. A Day in the Life of a trader is a great add-on for this session as well.

  • How to use location-based targeting

    Location data is a powerful tool for creating personalized advertising experiences, but using location data efficiently and measuring the results can be challenging. Learn about the growing ways location data can add value to your advertising strategy, including consumer insights and how to measure the effectiveness of your media choices.

  • How to bridge the gap between TV and digital campaigns

    TV advertising in 2020 is significantly more complex than the TV buying of the past – with exponentially more supply, targeting, and measurement options. In this session, we cover the ways smart television data lets marketers make the most of their TV investments, allowing them to connect digital and TV to drive the best outcomes for their brands.

  • How to use over-the-top channels

    In this session, we cover the basics of OTT, what marketers need to know about it, how to use OTT data and inventory, and what strategies they can use to build new audiences and successful campaigns. We’ll also give our thoughts on where OTT is headed and what marketers should expect to see over the next few years.

  • What does better connected marketing look like?

    In our better connected marketing session, we cover the basics of programmatic, show you how to achieve your objectives within a disconnected industry, and make recommendations for better connected programmatic marketing.

  • How to use programmatic in the pharma industry

    Understand the guidelines and restrictions around pharma marketing in the US, how to effectively use data to target consumers without violating them, and strategies for driving success when you don’t have an online conversion action to pixel.

  • China Programmatic 101

    Programmatic in China is growing fast. Really fast. But programmatic in China isn’t like programmatic everywhere else. Its makeup, top to bottom, is entirely unique. In this session, we explore the topics needed to get the most from the vast opportunities programmatic provides in the Chinese market.

  • The Chinese digital ecosystem

    Different technologies, different consumer behavior, and different rules mean that the Chinese digital ad market is unlike any other. In this session, we unpack these differences so that international brands and agencies can better navigate the Chinese digital advertising market.

  • Uncovering opportunity in China

    In this session, we explore why global brands should be taking note of the China opportunity.  We unpack China’s digital ecosystem, the role of programmatic, and how the COVID-19 recovery in China can help inform brands.

Track 2

Dynamic analytics

Learn how to connect vast data sources to tell better stories, make better plans and generate more revenue.

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Track 3

Industry wisdom

Understand the latest opportunities, challenges and discussions taking place in Marketing Intelligence and advertising technology.

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  • How to prepare for the cookieless world

    The cookieless future, inside and outside of the walled gardens, is nearly upon us. In this session, we take you through the challenges and opportunities that a cookieless future provides to make sure your brand is future proof and privacy compliant, but still getting powerful results from digital advertising. 

  • GDPR and CCPA - what you need to know

    In this session, we look at the impact of GDPR and CCPA, and how marketers can explore and use more innovative types of data to turn the new legislation into an opportunity rather than a challenge