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MiQ announces industry-leading Advanced TV solution for both AV and digital media buyers and planners in the UK

Enhanced solution provides best access to TV data in the UK to drive incrementality, quality and brand metric uplift on connected TV (CTV) campaigns.

London, July 27, 2023
– MiQ, the leading global programmatic media partner, today announced its Advanced TV offering designed to help solve CTV’s biggest challenges in the UK market. The solution leverages data sourced from world-class partners such as Samba TV’s automatic content recognition (ACR) TV viewership data for YouTube and CTV activation and Barb’s industry ‘gold’ standard TV viewership insights – allowing advertisers to unlock a unique TV solution predicated on smart insights for pre-campaign planning and effective targeting.

While linear TV viewership remains the backbone of big screen awareness, advertisers need to augment their existing TV strategies to respond to changing viewership behaviours. According to research from our partner, The Trade Desk – 84 percent of viewers 18-34 favour streaming content over traditional TV, but changes in viewing habits go beyond the younger generation as 43 percent of those aged 35 to 54 are watching more streaming content. MiQ’s solution offers advertisers the opportunity to increase efficient incremental reach and manage frequency across CTV campaigns, as well as use ACR data to respond to competitor big screen buys.

Digital buyers and planners can now activate across YouTube and CTV through MiQ’s new solution, which is enriched by Samba TV’s first-party viewership data, powered by ACR. MiQ’s solution ensures that big screen activation is a cohesive part of an omnichannel campaign – planned using consistent audience and demographic data from MiQ’s cookieless planning solution, and seamlessly activated across the most relevant inventory sources. MiQ has also developed a deep suite of measurement tools with these premium partners to ensure brands can evaluate the role CTV plays as part of their media plan and reinforce CTV as a measurable part of a broader digital plan.

“We heard what our clients were saying about their latest challenges with TV advertising, and so we developed our solution with a pro-marketer intent,” said John Thomson, CRO, MiQ UK. “There is a growing acknowledgment that there is a genuine and valuable opportunity to be had across AVOD and FAST content and YouTube on the big screen, but there is also an unhelpful land grab taking place that isn’t making it easy for agencies and marketers to seize the opportunity. We’ve built a pro-marketer product that works for brands and agencies whether you have a digital or AV focused role.”

MiQ is beta testing its latest TV planning tool, which uses data from our key partners to split pre-campaign insights based on content and audience data. The upcoming iteration of the product will take a target audience and recommend budget splits across traditional linear, YouTube, AVOD and FAST channels.

“MiQ is an insights-first company; we are continually enriching the data we offer to clients across all digital channels to help brands reach audiences more effectively, and we believe that the big screen is the best channel to do this,” said Pierre de Lannoy, Strategy Director, MiQ EMEA. “But we understand one of the biggest challenges linear TV is changing consumer habits. That’s why leveraging MiQ’s TV data in conjunction with our premium partners, gives marketers the firepower to better plan, activate and measure connected campaigns as the TV space continues to rapidly transform.”

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