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MiQ Launches CookielessIQ, Unlocking Actionable Insights for Cookieless Programmatic Activation

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – July 20, 2022 – Today, MiQ – the global programmatic activation partner – announced the launch of CookielessIQ, the first ever cookieless “readiness” assessment for advertisers, designed to further optimize their campaigns ahead of the deprecation of third-party cookies. The CookielessIQ score represents an advertiser’s progress in minimizing cookie reliance, offering the deep visibility needed to benchmark efforts and establish test and learn mechanisms far in advance of deprecation timelines to ultimately identify the best methods for driving programmatic performance in a privacy-compliant fashion, all without sacrificing results.

Since the company’s inception, MiQ’s team of data scientists, analysts and engineers have committed themselves to creating viable, intuitive, and effective solutions that empower customer success in a rapidly evolving industry. In the face of unprecedented changes to identifiers that the industry has grown to depend upon, MiQ was one of the first to develop tools specifically designed to prepare brands for privacy-centric programmatic and the ability to drive results whilst maintaining consumer privacy standards. 

With the power of a unique agnostic approach, robust data sets, and integrated technology solutions – MiQ has launched a multi-ID audience graph called “Identity Spine” and a comprehensive Cookieless Toolkit that solves for audience identification, scale, performance and measurement in a post-cookie world.

By taking a multi-pronged approach, MiQ has ensured that more than half of its US campaign activations are non-cookie reliant, without any compromise to campaign results and realized ROI. To date, this has been achieved leveraging authenticated data approaches, advanced contextual data methods, and clean room solutions, and will now include the new CookielessIQ feature to aid in measuring advertiser progress. 

In addition to the advertiser score, CookielessIQ also provides vertical comparisons so clients can benchmark themselves against their category. Scores are delivered along with data science backed recommendations for targeting optimizations so clients know exactly how to future-proof their next campaign, while still meeting performance objectives.

“The truth is, there’s no escaping the new reality, and advertisers and brands need to start seriously considering other data sets and approaches that will help target, activate, and measure their efforts without reliance on long-established cookie based methods,” said Erin Madorsky, Chief Strategy Officer for MiQ. “We believe transparency and experimentation are the key to preparing for change and that while there’s certainly no silver-bullet solution, especially not as long as multiple identifiers and walled gardens exist, MiQ has remained steadfast in providing the right combination of innovative solutions and serving as a visionary testing partner to help our customers stay ahead of the curve and increase preparedness. CookielessIQ is one more resource in our arsenal to do this, with much more on the horizon still to come, and we look forward to leading the charge.”