TV Intelligence

How do we do it?

Our TV viewership data comes from multiple partner data feeds from Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology for the biggest available footprint. Our partner agnostic approach means we connect data from multiple smart TV OEMs to enable maximum demographic diversity and market coverage. By connecting this to campaign, consumer and behavioral insights from over 150 other data feeds, we can analyze TV viewership tied to any audience parameter. We also ingest your brand-specific ads and match them to our library of content, providing you with sleek, flexible campaign-specific insights via the MiQ Intelligence Hub.

What does that mean for you?

Access the power of rich, deterministic viewership and cross-device data from over 30 million households, combined with advanced analytics and powerful tech. Through our easy-to-use dashboard housed in the Intelligence Hub, you can see exactly how, when and where your target audience is consuming TV and OTT at any given time. Compare your brand’s TV plan directly with your top brand competitors, and then activate in a consolidated way across TV, OTT and digital to close the loop on better reach, frequency and outcomes.