I.D.E.A Report 2022

With more and more people joining MiQ, we’re a growing global business. But no matter how big or small we are, we’ll always rely on a mix of voices, talents and perspectives. Diversity of thought keeps us at the forefront of innovation, and it’s what makes us a great place to work.

Our second I.D.E.A. Report takes a look at our journey so far. Supported by data-driven insights, it shows what’s working well, and what we need to improve. It’s all part of our inclusion evolution. And it’s how we’re creating a workplace where everyone is celebrated for being their authentic self. 

In this report you’ll discover:

  • How representation of women has increased
  • How our BIPOC representation is growing
  • How we’ve eliminated gender pay gaps
  • The areas that we still need to improve
  • The next stage of our inclusion evolution

Inclusion and diversity is a crucial topic for everyone in our industry. If you have any feedback, or would like to know more about the data, please get in touch for more information.

I.D.E.A Report 2022

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