The programmatic promise

Omnichannel: building for a future state of advertising

What does the future of programmatic omnichannel look like? What benefits do marketers think are coming their way? And what obstacles do they need to overcome to get there?

We partnered with Digiday to ask brands and agencies from across the world about their programmatic strategies – what they’re getting right, what they’re struggling with, and what support they need to get closer to the ideal future state of programmatic omnichannel.

Read the report to find out why marketers feel that…

  • Omnichannel strategies will help them move forwards to a more ideal future where the data they uncover in one platform will inform spending in all their others.
  • There are reasons to be optimistic that as the number of addressable platforms grows, things like targeting, cross-platform measurement and attribution will become easier.
  • Increased use of technology, strengthened programmatic partnerships, and better education for in-house teams will unlock the possibilities of programmatic omnichannel.
The programmatic promise

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